Classic Cruisers

All options available as a Handcrafted Gourmet Grilled Cheese or a Fantastically Fresh Salad made with fresh, locally sourced ingredients

*** Add Bacon to any Cruiser for $2***

Not Your Average Sloppy Joe

Chillin Chili and Sharp Cheddar $7

No animals were harmed in the making of this sandwich

A fantastic mix of portabella mushrooms, roasted red peppers, caramelized onion and roasted garlic with a ParmeseanWorcestershire cream sauce. $7

Spicy Yankee

Grilled Boars Head italian Chicken Sausage tossed with sautéed Peppers and Onions, House Marinara, and Mozzarella $8

I'm no Chicken! Salad

Blackened Chicken infused with bacon, diced celery, apples,Sweet Thai Chili Dressing and mixed greens. $9

Parm on the Farm

Grippo encrusted chicken breast, Creamy Mozzarella and

House Marinara $9

Drunken Clucker

Blackened Chicken, Bacon, Cruisin Apple Bourbon BBQ, grilled apples and onions with Muenster Cheese $10

Rockin Rooster

Grippo encrusted chicken tossed in a Buffalo-Parm cream sauce with celery, caramelized onions and Boars Head Mozzarella $9

Porky is a Pig

Slow roasted pulled pork, homemade pickles and onions with a drizzle of Cowabunga BBQ sauce $8

Classic Cruisin Combo $10

(Additional $2 for Chicken)

Any Classic Cruiser or Salad Bowl with a garnish of Grippos BBQChips & choice of Ripside or Cup of Soup. Served with Tea or a Hand Squeezed Lemonade

The Big Cheese Combo $8

(Upgrade to a Signature Cruiser Style for +$2)

Any 3 slices of cheese (Mozzarella, Cheddar, 3 Pepper Colby, Muenster, Chipotle Gouda, Smoked Gruyere and choice of bread, paired with a Signature Sauce and a Cup of Soup, served with Tea or Buzz Berry Lemonade

Kid Cruiser Combo $4

½ Grilled Cheese, side choice of fresh fruit or cup of soup and served with Tea or Berry Lemonade

Signature Cruiser Combo $13

Any ½ Signature Cruiser or Salad Bowl with a garnish of Grippos BBQ Chips and choice of Ripside, or Cup of Soup. Served with Tea or Hand Squeezed Buzz Berry Lemonade (upgrade to full size for additional $3)

Signature Cruisers

Gourmet Prime Rib & Filet Mignon Grilled Cheese

Your Choice of Half or Full size Filet or Prime Rib on Baguette crafted in choice of any listed style below: him B4 he eats YOU

Boars Head 3 Pepper Colby Jack Cheese, caramelized onions and mushrooms, and fresh greens, with a

Homemade 4 Orchard Berry Glaze

*Herman Muenster


Crispy bacon, Seasoned and Sautéed Apples and Onions with Boars Head Muenster Cheese and Homemade Cruisin Apple Bourbon BBQ

Gnarly Harley

Roasted red peppers, fresh onion, Fresh Greens, Boars Head 3 Pepper Colby Jack with our 4 Orchard Berry Glaze

Beachin Boomerang

Boars Head Smoke Gruyere and Mushroom Marsala

Early Riser


Boars Head Wisconsin Cheddar, fried egg, grilled onions & mushrooms, roasted red peppers with our 4 Berry Glaze

French Kiss

Boars Head Smoked Gruyere, roasted garlic and grilled onions with side of Au Jus.

Awakend Bacon

5 layers of grilled cheese deliciousness:Roasted Prime Rib smoothered in Boars Head Mozzerella & Chipotle Gouda, 5/0 Bacon Marmalade, 4 Berry Glaze on French Baguette.


$4 Cup/ $6 Bowl/ $10 Quart

Tubular Tomato Bisque

*Award Winning*Chillin Chili


$4 Small / $6 Large

Maple Chipotle seasoned Grilled Pineapples & Apples / Grippo Pie / Fruitfetti / Side Du Jour

Grippos Chips (special ordered from Ohio) Large side $3



$1.50 16 oz. Mystery Berry or Traditional Lemonade, Sweet or Unsweet Tea, Bottle Water, & Coffee

$1 Canned Beverages

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